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 We are born with an in-breath, we leave this world with an out-breath. That which happens in between is the preciousness of life. Be aware of it. Breathe it moment by moment. Enjoy it. Live it. It is yours to live.


About Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is a profound yet simple practice and can be said to be the process of becoming aware of and of training the mind. During meditation we learn to concentrate, still and quieten the mind so that it can rest naturally and peacefully without being distracted by the non-stop procession of chaotic thoughts, emotions and mental formations. After the mind can learn to let go and abide tranquilly in this manner, we can then direct that same stable concentration to allow clarity and insight to arise.

Research has shown that regular meditation practice has numerous positive effects, whether as a means of facilitating personal or spiritual development, or as a way of better coping with life’s various stresses and strains.

People who meditate well understand that it is the distorted view and beliefs of our own mind that lie at the heart of our problems. In other words, we must begin to look internally rather than externally to understand the causes and remedies in respect of any negative cognitive, emotional or behavioral patterns. Whilst perhaps somewhat of a cliché, the saying ‘if we do not go within, we go without’ is particularly true in this case.

René Descartes, a renowned 17th centaury philosopher is well known for the statement “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am). However, and following this same logic, if we are not aware of our thinking, how can we be aware of our being?

Mindfulness then, in simple terms, could be said to be the continuation of our meditative practice as we are going about the duties and chores of our everyday lives. It is therefore a highly practical process by which we become aware of and observe our bodies, feelings, mind and the external environment. Mindfulness cultivates introspection and presence of mind and helps us to become fully and intricately aware of our lives right here and right now.



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