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 We are born with an in-breath, we leave this world with an out-breath. That which happens in between is the preciousness of life. Be aware of it. Breathe it moment by moment. Enjoy it. Live it. It is yours to live.


Awake to Wisdom is a non-profit making foundation for meditation, mindfulness, and psychological well-being. We undertake high quality academic research to examine the potential applications of meditation and mindfulness-based psychosocial interventions in healthcare, occupational, educational, and forensic settings. We also provide consultancy and academic support, and collaborate with leading academic institutes both in the UK and overseas. For further details please follow the relevant link on the left.

We are currently in the process of updating and redeveloping the website to reflect new research projects, findings, and collaborations - please visit us again soon.

Awake to Wisdom is a voluntary run non-profit making foundation. Please contact us for further information. Tel: 07871 437965. Email

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